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OVID Accreditation FAQ's

What are the entry requirements for the OVID New Inspector course?

The requirements to become an OVID Inspector are:

Please note: Employees of Vessel Operators are not permitted to become OVID Inspectors.

How do I apply for a place on a New Inspector course?

We will not accept direct applications. You will need to apply via one of our members, who will then sponsor your application.

If you meet the entry requirements, then you can submit your CV to an OCIMF member. If they are satisfied that you meet the necessary criteria, then they will send you an invitation to register in our online system. All candidates must complete the online registration, and you will need to upload:

Once submitted your online registration will be verified by the OCIMF Member sponsoring your application and OCIMF. This can take up to 4 weeks, as all OVID courses are administered by just one person. If everything is in order, it is then approved, and you receive a confirmation email.

What does 'sponsorship' mean?

When we use the word sponsorship, we do not mean financially. We mean that an OCIMF member organisation must apply to us on your behalf.

Which companies are OCIMF member organisations?

Please click here for an up-to-date list of the OCIMF member organisations.

I am directly employed by an OCIMF member, does sponsorship affect me?

If you are a direct employee of an OCIMF member you can apply for a seat on one of our courses without sponsorship (if you meet the entry requirements). Please remember to seek approval from a senior manager at your organisation prior to applying for a course.

You will need to be given the registration link by someone in your organisation with access to OVID who can review your application for accuracy.

I am not directly employed by an OCIMF member, and can’t find an OCIMF member to sponsor me, what do I do?

We do not accept direct applications from third party candidates. Without sponsorship from an OCIMF member you will not be able to apply to attend an OVID New Inspector course.

Who is responsible for paying my course fee?

You or your employer will be responsible for the course fee.

How much does the course cost?

The fee to attend a three-day New Inspector course is £800.

The fee for a resit of the exam is £350.

What is included in my course fee?

Your course fee cover the cost of the three-day New Inspector course, including lunch, refreshments and all course materials. Any additional expenses, such as travel and accommodation, are your responsibility.

We do not arrange travel or accommodation. If the course is held at our offices in London we will provide you with corporate rates for some local hotels, however we do not have similar arrangements elsewhere.

How long will my accreditation last?

Your accreditation will last for three years from the date you pass the exam if you maintain minimum annual inspection requirements. From 1 January 2015, the minimum annual inspection requirements are four inspections per calendar year unless you are a direct Marine Assurance employee of an OCIMF member, in which case the requirement is two inspections per calendar year. Please contact ovidaccredit@ocimf.org to advise us if this applies to you.

If you do not meet your minimum inspection requirement each year you will automatically be suspended.

In addition, you will be required to attend a Refresher course during the last 12-months of your accreditation to extend it for another three years.

What does the New Inspector course involve?

This is a three-day classroom based course, led by two instructors. You will first learn about the history of OCIMF and OVID; after this, you will learn about our inspection system, how it works, what is involved in an inspection, and then how to carry one out. The three-day course will end with a two-part exam, which will test your understanding of the theory involved, and your observational ability.

Within two weeks of completing the course, you will be advised of your exam marks by email. If you were successful, you will receive login details for the OVID website by email and your certificate of accreditation and ID card by post.

Please note: You should not plan to carry out any inspections until you have received your ID card, as you must present this at the time of boarding a vessel.

What happens if I fail?

If you fail, you will be invited to take a resit. You must wait 30-days after your first attempt at the exam before you are able to resit the exams, and the papers that you sit will be different to those you sat at the end of your course.

If you fail the resit, you must wait until twelve months from the date of your first attempt before you can attend a full 3-day New Inspector course. You have a six-month window to retake the New Inspector course from twelve months after your first exam. If you do not attend and pass a New Inspector course during this twelve-month timeframe, you will not be allowed to return at a later date and will have to start the application process all over again

My application has been approved – what happens next?

In the weeks preceding your specific course, you will receive a number of emails from us that contain important information.

The first email that you receive an email that contains a link to pay for the course online.

Closer to the course date you will be sent an email with the course details (times, location, etc.) and a link to the course materials. You are responsible for bringing course materials on the day, either by printing them or downloading them to your laptop.

What else do I need to do before the New Inspector course starts?

You must email a passport style photograph to ovidaccredit@ocimf.org – this is required for your ID card if you successfully pass the exam. Please see the Guidelines for your OVID ID Card Photo for further details.

How do I pay for the course?

Once your completed application form has been approved by us, and your online profile is added to one of our courses, you will receive an automated email which contains a link to pay for the course electronically, with a debit or credit card.

If you are not paying for the course, you can forward the email to the relevant person paying for the course who can then click on the link and follow the instructions to pay for the course.

If you cannot pay by debit or credit card, we can raise an invoice. If this applies to you then please provide us with notice 60 days prior to course start date; as this add time to the process and there is only one administrator for the OVID courses.

Please note: Exam results will be withheld until the course fee is paid in full.

I work for a vessel operator – can I apply to be an OVID inspector?

No – we do not accept any applications from candidates who are employed by vessel operators.

If you have any further questions, or would like to discuss your question in more detail, please feel free to contact us on ovidaccredit@ocimf.org

Please note: Accredited OVID inspectors who commence employment with a vessel operator must notify us and your inspector account will be suspended. If you do not , and we become aware of the fact from another source, you will be disqualified from being an OVID inspector.

How many inspections must I complete every year?

With effect from 1 January 2015, all OVID inspectors must complete a minimum of four inspections every calendar year. If you do not complete at least four inspections during the calendar year, then your account will be suspended on 1 January of the next year.

If you are a Marine Assurance employee of an OCIMF member the minimum inspection requirement is reduced to two inspections per calendar year. Please contact ovidaccredit@ocimf.org to advise us if this applies to you.

These requirements may increase in the future.

What are the entry requirements for the OVID Refresher course?

To retain your accreditation / attend a Refresher course you must meet the minimum annual inspection requirements.

My accreditation is suspended, what can I do?

An inspector can regain their accreditation within two years of their suspension by attending a refresher course. After that period, you will be treated as a New Inspector and must apply as outlined above.

How much does the Refresher course cost?

Refresher courses are free. Refreshments and lunch are provided. Any additional expenses, such as travel and accommodation, are your responsibility.

What does the Refresher course involve?

This is a two-day course which aims to refresh your knowledge and provide you with summary of change to OVID itself, and also relevant legislation / industry requirements.

What do I need to do before the Refresher course starts?

Review your OVID profile and check that your mailing and email addresses up-to-date.

You must also email a passport style photograph to ovidaccredit@ocimf.org – this is required for your ID card if you successfully pass the exam. Please see the Guidelines for your OVID ID Card Photo for further details.

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